Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size butter works best in the One-Click Butter Cutter?
We have two One-Click Butter Cutter sizes available today: the Original Size and the Multi-Size.  The Original Size Butter Cutter is designed specifically for the Elgin shape butter stick, which is usually about 5" inches long and 1.25" inches wide. The opening of the Original Size One-Click Butter Cutter is 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" and will accommodate lengths of butter up to 5".  Elgin shape butter is available in all US states east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Multi-Size Butter Cutter will fit both the 3.5" bar or cube and the 5" long 1/4 lb. bars.  This means it will fit all quarter pound butter "cubes" in what is called the Western-Pack shape.  The "cube" size has a width of 1.5" and is only available west of the Rocky Mountains in Washington, Oregon and California.

In Canada, the company Lactantia produces 125 grams butter sticks that are the perfect size for the Original Size One-Click Butter Cutter. They even produce garlic butter that is also just the right size for the Original Size One-Click Butter Cutter! 

NOTE: The butter stick should slide easily into the One-Click Butter Cutter. If you find yourself having to push the butter in, you are using the incorrect size. 

2. Do you guarantee the One-Click Butter Cutter?
YES, because of the high quality of construction and materials we provide a 100% money back guarantee.  The One-Click Butter Cutter is guaranteed for one year.

3. Where can I buy the One-Click Butter Cutter?
The One-Click Butter Cutter is available in kitchenware stores across America or may be purchased at

4. How do I clean the One-Click Butter Cutter?
The One-Click Butter Cutter can be easily cleaned with warm water. It is also dishwasher safe.